KnitWit Knews....

KnitWit Knews....

Thursday, March 31, 2011

News from Durango

Pastor Mike has sent news from Durango. He and Rosy flew down with a plane full of 300 pairs of shoes and other supplies.  All of the shoes were delivered to some very happy children!!!  And things are being worked on at the mission there, like the water situation. That does have some problems, but here's the biggey prayer request....

As they were flying out of Durango yesterday, just about 9 miles out, one of the engines went out. They managed to turn back around and get back to the airport with the one remaining engine. Thank you, Lord!!!

So, Pastor Mike has asked for us to please pray! He always says they're counting on their KnitWits to be praying...
First, just how God wants to deal with this...does HE have an engine somewhere, or funds for one, or just what HE wants Mike & Rosy to do.
Second, in order to get back home, they certainly cannot take a bus (affordable, but waaaaaay too dangerous!), and flying out from Durango, with all it's connections, is expensive. 
Pastor Mike knows that God has put, what we perceive as a detour in the way for a reason, so they know they're walking in His provision. 

May God's answer be soooo big we will all be singing His praises because we know only He can do this!!! PLUS, the devil's pretty upset over all that they are doing to continue to serve in Mexico, so there!

KnitWits will be at ArtWalk tomorrow night At Jac-Lin's Florist, Main St. & Maple. Please join in!!!
This can be a terrific opportunity to share about KnitWits and to put the word out about the needs in Durango.  We'll set up a table and put up another sign for donations to help with this, so please spread the word to your friends!!! Perhaps part, or all of God's provision and answer to this is through one of them.

Thanks for praying!!!!