KnitWit Knews....

KnitWit Knews....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Katylynn is home!!!

Dear All,
When you called for an update, we were in the middle of a baby shower for another daughter-in-law whose baby is due in July...Ohio is an hour ahead of Texas... so here is our update complete with pictures that Helen just downloaded for me.

The second day that Katie was in Tulsa she got sick with headache,etc... and knew all our prayers were kicking in again when 2 hours into all the important meetings and "learning to care" for Katylynn, she felt much better. The flights home on Wednesday were very eventful but not on Katylynn's part, as she was peaceful. Weather in Chicago had them circling until they'd almost run out of gas and had to land at an airport Champlain, IL and deplane, without use of Katylynn's wheelchair, and wait till they could go to O'Hare. In O'Hare they were put on standby with the possibility of not flying out till Thursday at 9:30 PM!! Again, thanks to our Father hearing all our prayers and the help of "Colleen Murphy". She was the flight attendant who's shift started 8:30 PM, who could not stand the thoughts of them waiting a whole other day. With Colleen's speedy intervention, they got on the last flight to Cleveland and arrived at 11:30PM. Uncle Michael and Aunt Ruthie were waiting and they arrived at home at 12:45AM. Katylynn fell asleep half through that last flight and did not wake up for her homecoming, in fact, till the next AM at 10AM Ohio time!!

Fast forward...we are all in love with her. She is so relational, quick to belly laugh, loves it when we sing to her. It turns out that she is able to see a little bit and, of course, loves to feel "soft blankets made and delivered with love and prayers".
It turns out that Katylynn's roommate was a boy and that a young girl (15years old, also a patient of the hospital, who came to play everyday with her and was so sad she was leaving) was the one who was blessed to receive the second blanket with the promise that every night as they used their matching blankets, Katylynn and Katie will pray for her.
More stories of God's providence when I am back with you and we are sharing and knitting and can thank the Lord again and again and again for His steadfast love and faithfulness.
(Note: Katie Lynn legally changed the spelling of her name in the midst of all the paperwork!!)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Back from Mexico

News from Pastor Mike!

We got back fine and we had a good trip safe and a blessing in the mountains as we flew into Gavilanes. The lady with heart trouble was really swollen, so we flew her to the capital of Nayarit, Tepic and the red cross ambulance took her on to the Hospital from there and the good thing they did not charge her and did not charge for our landing fee either, praise the Lord!!

We do have a great blessing and need at the Mission. We are starting a Bible School for the Indian people to fly them in and then back to their village. We have 7 people that is ready to come and just yesterday we got the materials in Spanish for 6 week of training...praise the Lord!!
But the problem is our pump system went out or burnt up, as we had a hose blow off of the bathroom in the clinic and it ran for 2 days. So, we need about $800.00 dollars to replace the pump's pressure tank, as it was to small anyway, and the pressure switch and change the hoses there.
So, keep us in prayer about this, o.k.?
blessings to all, Pastor Mike

Great news about the Bible School!!! Lets keep Tiadora in our prayers, too. And please pass this on to others to join in praying for all that God is doing in the midst of the unrest in Mexico.
'Nothing is too hard for YOU.' Jeremiah 32:17b

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 and peace!

Eileen has sent us an update on Katie and Katie Lynn...Praying all joy and peace to them!!!
Romans 15:13

Dear All,
I sent the second blanket for Katie Lynn's roommate with Ruth when she went North and our daughter-in-law finished it so it could go on the plane with Katie last night.
Katie called last night after she got in her hotel room at 11PM (our time...being that she is in Tulsa, OK, we are the same time now). Her first words were "Mom, anytime you have something important happening, get the Knit Wits praying!!!"

She went on to say that her trip, (she left Ohio at 7PM with a stop in Chicago and on to Tulsa) was wonderful. She started out nervous and then the peace of the Lord came upon her. Nancy, the Social Worker met her at the airport with a big hug (she has never met Nancy!!!) and Katie said she once again experienced Southern Hospitality which she misses greatly up north!!! And Nancy is almost as excited as Katie.
When Katie checked into the hotel, the clerk's name is Kathryn (just the same spelling as our Katie's and the two mused as most do not spell it that way).

As I write this Katie is meeting and getting to know Katie Lynn!!! and we are trusting that our prayers at Knit Wits, that they bond immediately, are answered too.
May the Father be praised and thanked and Jesus be glorified and the Holy Spirit FILL Katie, Katie Lynn and everyone involved with this "true" story of amazing grace!!!
Thanks again for your prayers and love,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This just in...

From Pastor Mike....knees please!

I'm here in Durango right now and will have a service tonight and tomorrow we will be flying back into a remote Indian Village to carry more medicine to the the Lady that has congestive heart failure, so keep us in prayer as it is a real small air strip and its an Indian village and as you know the problems here!
we love you guys

For those who are new to KnitWits, Pastor Mike and his wife are missionaries to Mexico. They have been serving there for over 20 years now. We KnitWits have been sending prayer shawls, hats and many prayers with them to Mexico.
Tiodora is the lady with congestive heart failure (green sweater). Please be in prayer for her and the many others that are receiving medical supplies on this trip. May they see God's hand and love in it all!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Joy in anticipation

How we wish everyone could see this beautiful blanket in person! Part of it's beauty is in it's story and that you can share in!

Eileen, a lovely KnitWit in the Thursday group, is expecting another, very special granddaughter! Her daughter Katie is a physical therapist and is adopting a precious little 5 year old named Katie Lyn. It has taken almost a year to get everything together, but in God's time they will meet for the first time in just a couple of weeks and make the trip to their new home. You see, Katie Lyn is severely handicapped and blind and living in a facility in Oklahoma. Eileen has made this beautiful blanket out of Lambie Pie yarn, so it is nice and soft. She wanted a pretty border, so another of our KW's, LaLise crocheted the border you see in the picture....the whole thing is just beautiful!
What a joy to have a sister come along side and help.

Eileen is also making a little blanket to give to Katie Lyn's room mate. And another KW has given a lovely blue/green shawl of cameo and feather wisp to give to Katie(mom)!
There will be a lot of adjusting for both girls and for Eileen's daughter Katie. Your prayers for them all are a treasure...thank you in advance for joining in the joy of praying for this wonderful work of love!