KnitWit Knews....

KnitWit Knews....

Friday, September 23, 2011

So much to catch up on....

Just in case you've missed it, everyone is  back from China and there are many wonderful blessings you can read about!

check out Peggy's blog....
Women Connect in China 

and Harriet's blog...


Both will bless you and encourage us all to hear
how God is working in so many lives!
Lots of praises and pictures for you all.

We also send a big THANK YOU to my friend, Sue!
She knit these beautiful scarves and cowls!!! Then donated this big box of them for us to add to our Christmas hats and shawls!

<-- there we are ooohhhing and aaahhhing over the rainbow of colors!

This past Thursday, we arrived @ VivaLife to find another big surprise! Someone had left a big bag of yarn and looms for us to use as things keep growing! THANKING GOD for His provision!!!

And another wonderful blessing has come our way!!! We've been asked to help a group that is providing Christmas gifts and food for some families in a rural area close to Rio Grande City.  We hope to provide hats for all the kids!

SO, mark your calendars for our Prayer Party on Thursday, 12/1.
Please bring your hats/shawls going to Mexico with Pastor Mike to VivaLife Christian Book Shop and we will have a few refreshments, lots of fun seeing each other and close with a time of prayer and blessing.  

Thank you for all your hard work, but most of all thank you for your continued prayers and joining in God's work all over the world! :)

For the LORD your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete. Deuteronomy 16:15