KnitWit Knews....

KnitWit Knews....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Summer KnitWits!!!

This summer is just flying by!  

It has been LOTS of fun at VivaLife on Thursdays seeing what everyone is getting creative with! (maybe it is all this heat that is keeping us happily in the a/c just knitting away?) 
We've learned a few new stitches on the loom, shared design ideas AND we have several new friends that have joined us on they're KnitWits, too! ;)

This lovely crocheted shawl is in the stack getting ready to be sent with the next group to China! They will be going again in September. You can check their blog (located on the right column) to keep up with info and get an update on the prayer requests leading up to the trip. 

And y'all don't forget about Durango! We are saving hats and shawls to be sent with Pastor Mike and Rosy for Christmas again this year. Please keep them in your prayers as they seek to serve God everyday for these people. May they shine HIM in the midst of all the turmoil just south of us!

Here's a precious baby with a little KnitWit hat...many prayers and much love to you, Miley! May you grow to love the Lord all your days!