KnitWit Knews....

KnitWit Knews....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kyrgyzstan Orphanage

Just in time, God's time that is...the packages made it to Kyrgyzstan!!!

Many have helped with this and we are so grateful. A little background for those who are new here:

Pastor Otten is an army chaplain from McAllen, who was called up in the reserves. When he arrived at the base in Kyrgyzstan he discovered there are a lot of orphans in the outlaying land around the base. Literally hundreds of children without clothing, or shelter. He sent word back home and described these children as "cold to the soul" and told his wife, "we need to do something". SO, many beautiful people have answered the call to do something. KnitWits sent out an email and y'all answered. We sent 500 hats and 8 prayer shawls to him within days!

Pastor Otten has also put together a network of people to get things distributed and to continue to minster to the local people on an ongoing basis . The Army has also awarded him a special commendation for this!
God is doing amazing things! Please continue to pray for everyone over there. They are in the midst of a government overthrow in Kyrgyzstan and there is lots of turmoil. BUT we know that God will do what HE has planned for these people.
Thanks again for all your efforts, hats, shawls, prayers....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Word from Mexico

Hello all!
We got word from Pastor Mike and Rosie yesterday!!! They are in Durango and all the construction is proceeding very well. Here's a clip from their newsletter about the kids:

Rosie's kids need your special prayer right now as they have seen more trauma and violence in the past year and a half. It is truly horrible the things that go on everyday right in front of the children down there. They are hungry when they some, so we feed them with the help you all give us...a special thanks to Dr. Sandra and Miss Letty who make sure the kids get something to eat and a Bible lesson every week.
Please pray for Amanda, she had an accident and lost one of her fingers.(Amanda is one of the children)
Please pray for the mission, the country of Mexico, our borders and all who go throughout the year to help out at the mission in Durango. Your prayers are needed as much, or more, than your gifts at this time.

Yesterday at VivaLife we had a fun time with LOTS of new hats and some shawls brought to add to our "storage" pile. A friend also donated some yarn, so if you're in need of hat yarn just stop by on Thursdays!!! Remember, we always close our time on Thursdays in prayer, so if you have an item finished and want a few KnitWits to pray with you for it's recipient....

Prayers & purls... :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


How thankful we all are for these last THREE years of the KnitWits Prayer Shawl Ministry!

We have decided to start this blog to help all us KnitWits keep in touch and share ideas and encourage one another. We're also hopeful it will help us to better share all that God is doing around the world through this ministry.

Feel free to post, to share, to pray for each other as we all seek to serve the One that blesses our efforts.

may your blessings be many and your tinks be few! :)