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KnitWit Knews....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Word from Mexico

Hello all!
We got word from Pastor Mike and Rosie yesterday!!! They are in Durango and all the construction is proceeding very well. Here's a clip from their newsletter about the kids:

Rosie's kids need your special prayer right now as they have seen more trauma and violence in the past year and a half. It is truly horrible the things that go on everyday right in front of the children down there. They are hungry when they some, so we feed them with the help you all give us...a special thanks to Dr. Sandra and Miss Letty who make sure the kids get something to eat and a Bible lesson every week.
Please pray for Amanda, she had an accident and lost one of her fingers.(Amanda is one of the children)
Please pray for the mission, the country of Mexico, our borders and all who go throughout the year to help out at the mission in Durango. Your prayers are needed as much, or more, than your gifts at this time.

Yesterday at VivaLife we had a fun time with LOTS of new hats and some shawls brought to add to our "storage" pile. A friend also donated some yarn, so if you're in need of hat yarn just stop by on Thursdays!!! Remember, we always close our time on Thursdays in prayer, so if you have an item finished and want a few KnitWits to pray with you for it's recipient....

Prayers & purls... :)

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  1. Hi! I am joining KnitWits from Denver Colorado. I have had some communication with Jeanie.

    I have started knitting a baby sweater. I knit with needles, not a loom.

    I have a some good baby blanket patterns and I just ordered a book of shawls. I can't wait to get started.

    I would love more information. I understand you pray while you knit. Is there a particular prayer you say, or do you just speak to God from the heart?

    Are you a 501.3C organization? I would like to be able to report my yarn and mailing expenses on my taxes.

    When I finish a project, where should I sent it too? Will you include the card you send, or should I print it off and add a hand-written personal message?

    I am very excited about this!

    God Bless you every stitch!
    Ruth Selby