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KnitWit Knews....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank you to all the work and prayers you give to HIS work in China!
An update from the trip last month, when Peggy was in China last month with the Women's Connections team...

"Last month, the Women's Connections team visited the church to encourage these new believers. They met Lucy, a young woman who struggled to understand why her business wasn't doing well since removing the Buddha statue from her home. She considered putting it back in for good luck. The Women's Connections team gave her a prayer shawl and encouraged her to stand strong as this was a test of her new faith. Lucy was happy to learn that this was just a trial and grateful to know that she was being prayed for by her Christian friends in the US." 
Please keep Lucy and the other prayer shawl recipients in your prayers, as God continues to use these gifts to encourage and grow HIS kingdom....ain't God grand!?!?
We just sent another box of prayer shawls, scarves and hats to go on the trip in May!
Peggy has shared that on the last trip they decided to have a drawing, to give away the shawls when they met with each group. Everyone seemed to enjoy and get excited over doing it that way...and it truly was a blessing to see who God gave each one to. Great times to see Him use these simple gifts to encourage so many! 
We are excited also to see new people joining us on Thursdays and a few "old" friends stopping by again, too!

This summer we will have shawls on display at Jac-Lin's Florist/Art Gallery.  Our prayer is to expand peoples' vision of what God can do with a 'little' offering of time and talent...all of which come from Him anyway! :)

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