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KnitWit Knews....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome Back Pastor Mike

What FUN to share a little in what God is doing!!!

Pastor Mike called last week and shared how well his health is and that he is going back to Mexico, he also said that he had been in a wheelchair for part of the recovery time this last year, with not much of a good prognosis from the doctors. WELL, we all know that GOD'S ways are not ours, and Pastor Mike is well, thank the LORD, and going back to serve in Mexico this year!!!

He stayed over a few extra days in order to see the KnitWits and pick up hats, share some hugs and stories and give a special gift.

Remember that wheelchair, well we started Thursday with a special visit and Pastor Mike met our friend Joy. She is our newest KnitWit!

Here Joy gave Pastor Mike the first two hats that she had made. She shared with him the blessing of being useful and how much she loves learning to knit on the loom and
he gave her his wheelchair!!! 

There was much JOY, more than a few tears and then a few laps in the hall for "driving lessons".
joy ~ Joy ~ JOY

Well, then it was time to get to Cordoba to visit with the other KnitWits and get all the hats picked up. 

We had space bags full of hats and shawls! There was also a hat to put a little $$ to help with gas money for the plane. Mike shared some stories of the GREAT things God is doing in Durango, HIS sovereign protection for all involved at the mission there. Many are coming to know the Lord....and we are grateful for His restoration of Pastor Mike's health so he can serve again! We closed in joy-ful prayer....


Mike left on Friday for this first trip to deliver Christmas items. He will be back soon to gather another load of things, so if you have any hats that did not make this trip, there's still time!

MANY THANKS to all who contributed their work and lovely items to be sent this year!!! Most of all thank you for your continued prayers for those God has blessed us to serve along side.

Happiest of Thanksgiving to you all!!! 

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