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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Prayer request for Floriana

There are many updates from Pastor Mike on their latest trip to Durango, and two people in particular you may remember we have been praying for...

Floriana is the little girl that was flown out of the mountains to the city to have surgery to remove a large tumor from her face. That surgery went well and they believed they had gotten most of the tumor. Well, it looks like it may be coming back. They ask for our prayers for Floriana. Her dad, Franc
isco received the Lord 2 years ago and now wants to learn to read the Bible...PTL for that!

They also got the medicine to Terodora. Her husband met them when they landed and almost cried when he saw them. Apparently she was very's and excerpt from the newsletter:

We flew her into the capital of Tepic and radioed ahead and let the tower know we had a sick person on board and they said they would call the (Cruz Roja) Red Cross Ambulance. I told them they did not have the money to pay for an ambulance and for years we have flown people there and they remembered me and also said there would be no charge for the ambulance or for our landing and parking...praise the Lord!

So, lets please keep Teodora, Floriana and their families in prayer.

We all thank God, especially for Pastor Mike and those who are so faithful to answer and go wherever God leads!

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  1. We're praying for you Floriana!!! And soooo grateful that the meds all got there on time for everyone! PTL for the work you do.