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KnitWit Knews....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Katylynn is home!!!

Dear All,
When you called for an update, we were in the middle of a baby shower for another daughter-in-law whose baby is due in July...Ohio is an hour ahead of Texas... so here is our update complete with pictures that Helen just downloaded for me.

The second day that Katie was in Tulsa she got sick with headache,etc... and knew all our prayers were kicking in again when 2 hours into all the important meetings and "learning to care" for Katylynn, she felt much better. The flights home on Wednesday were very eventful but not on Katylynn's part, as she was peaceful. Weather in Chicago had them circling until they'd almost run out of gas and had to land at an airport Champlain, IL and deplane, without use of Katylynn's wheelchair, and wait till they could go to O'Hare. In O'Hare they were put on standby with the possibility of not flying out till Thursday at 9:30 PM!! Again, thanks to our Father hearing all our prayers and the help of "Colleen Murphy". She was the flight attendant who's shift started 8:30 PM, who could not stand the thoughts of them waiting a whole other day. With Colleen's speedy intervention, they got on the last flight to Cleveland and arrived at 11:30PM. Uncle Michael and Aunt Ruthie were waiting and they arrived at home at 12:45AM. Katylynn fell asleep half through that last flight and did not wake up for her homecoming, in fact, till the next AM at 10AM Ohio time!!

Fast forward...we are all in love with her. She is so relational, quick to belly laugh, loves it when we sing to her. It turns out that she is able to see a little bit and, of course, loves to feel "soft blankets made and delivered with love and prayers".
It turns out that Katylynn's roommate was a boy and that a young girl (15years old, also a patient of the hospital, who came to play everyday with her and was so sad she was leaving) was the one who was blessed to receive the second blanket with the promise that every night as they used their matching blankets, Katylynn and Katie will pray for her.
More stories of God's providence when I am back with you and we are sharing and knitting and can thank the Lord again and again and again for His steadfast love and faithfulness.
(Note: Katie Lynn legally changed the spelling of her name in the midst of all the paperwork!!)

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  1. A couple of questions from some new people about Katie and's a 'short' version. :)
    Katie is the daughter of a KnitWit, 28, and grew up in Ohio/McAllen. She is single, a physical therapist and living in Ohio now....also, the most precious girl you'd ever want to know!
    She has (after a very long year of paper work, etc.!) adopted Katie Lynn. They are meeting for the first time this week and this posting is the note of their travel home.
    Katie Lynn is 5 and has been living in an institution most of her life. She is severely handicapped, physically and mentally, and she is blind. (hence the tactile blanket)

    This whole thing has just been an awesome thing to see as God has moved people and things to happen just right to bring the Katies together!
    Keep on praying KnitWits!!!!