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KnitWit Knews....

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Joy in anticipation

How we wish everyone could see this beautiful blanket in person! Part of it's beauty is in it's story and that you can share in!

Eileen, a lovely KnitWit in the Thursday group, is expecting another, very special granddaughter! Her daughter Katie is a physical therapist and is adopting a precious little 5 year old named Katie Lyn. It has taken almost a year to get everything together, but in God's time they will meet for the first time in just a couple of weeks and make the trip to their new home. You see, Katie Lyn is severely handicapped and blind and living in a facility in Oklahoma. Eileen has made this beautiful blanket out of Lambie Pie yarn, so it is nice and soft. She wanted a pretty border, so another of our KW's, LaLise crocheted the border you see in the picture....the whole thing is just beautiful!
What a joy to have a sister come along side and help.

Eileen is also making a little blanket to give to Katie Lyn's room mate. And another KW has given a lovely blue/green shawl of cameo and feather wisp to give to Katie(mom)!
There will be a lot of adjusting for both girls and for Eileen's daughter Katie. Your prayers for them all are a treasure...thank you in advance for joining in the joy of praying for this wonderful work of love!

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