KnitWit Knews....

KnitWit Knews....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This just in...

From Pastor Mike....knees please!

I'm here in Durango right now and will have a service tonight and tomorrow we will be flying back into a remote Indian Village to carry more medicine to the the Lady that has congestive heart failure, so keep us in prayer as it is a real small air strip and its an Indian village and as you know the problems here!
we love you guys

For those who are new to KnitWits, Pastor Mike and his wife are missionaries to Mexico. They have been serving there for over 20 years now. We KnitWits have been sending prayer shawls, hats and many prayers with them to Mexico.
Tiodora is the lady with congestive heart failure (green sweater). Please be in prayer for her and the many others that are receiving medical supplies on this trip. May they see God's hand and love in it all!

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