KnitWit Knews....

KnitWit Knews....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 and peace!

Eileen has sent us an update on Katie and Katie Lynn...Praying all joy and peace to them!!!
Romans 15:13

Dear All,
I sent the second blanket for Katie Lynn's roommate with Ruth when she went North and our daughter-in-law finished it so it could go on the plane with Katie last night.
Katie called last night after she got in her hotel room at 11PM (our time...being that she is in Tulsa, OK, we are the same time now). Her first words were "Mom, anytime you have something important happening, get the Knit Wits praying!!!"

She went on to say that her trip, (she left Ohio at 7PM with a stop in Chicago and on to Tulsa) was wonderful. She started out nervous and then the peace of the Lord came upon her. Nancy, the Social Worker met her at the airport with a big hug (she has never met Nancy!!!) and Katie said she once again experienced Southern Hospitality which she misses greatly up north!!! And Nancy is almost as excited as Katie.
When Katie checked into the hotel, the clerk's name is Kathryn (just the same spelling as our Katie's and the two mused as most do not spell it that way).

As I write this Katie is meeting and getting to know Katie Lynn!!! and we are trusting that our prayers at Knit Wits, that they bond immediately, are answered too.
May the Father be praised and thanked and Jesus be glorified and the Holy Spirit FILL Katie, Katie Lynn and everyone involved with this "true" story of amazing grace!!!
Thanks again for your prayers and love,

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